Heatspreader for Qseven Embedded Computer Modules

Intel® Bay Trail Atom™ E3800 series and Celeron® families , Freescale iMX6, AMD Embedded GX Series SOC Processor/platform

The specifications for Qseven Embedded Computer Modules include a heatspreader.
It's a mechanical definition of the thermal interface.  
All the heat generated by components such as chipsets and processors are transferred to the system's cooling via the heatspreader.
Various heatsinks and Cooling solutions for different system integration project.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

  • Material
    • Aluminum
  • Standard
    • 70(W) x 60(D) x 8(H) mm
  • Lite
    • 70(W) x 60(D) x 4(H) mm
  • Pro
    • 70(W) x 60(D) x 14(H) mm